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I couldn’t believe this old man’s dick could get this hard. Here he was banging into me, against the pine walls like he would push me and the wall right through to the kitchen. I figured when I took the damn oxy from him that he’d mush that thing against me, shoot out some dog water and that be that; but no this old mutherfucker is actually fucking me. I wonder if I could catch something from his old ass sperm. He has that old man smell, like a combination old dentures and pomade that hasn’t been completely washed out of his hair in like a fucking decade. He was right about this oky though, it’s more mellow than the meth, but I’m feeling fine.

George is trying this tough love shit with me and he can try all he wants, it’s not gonna work; next thing I’m sure he’s gonna try to keep me from seeing Beth. I’m not sure I wanna see her but I don’t want him thinking he can keep me from seeing her if I want to. Who the fuck does he think he is?

Shit, his old ass is now slumped against me breathing his stinking ass breath in my neck, sour ass breath, sour old man. Looking in my mouth, if I gave a shit I’d make him give me some free dental visits but I don’t give a shit. This oxy is nice, but I need to fly like I do with the meth. I gotta get this mutherfucker to give me some damn money.

“Come on baby, that was good. Don’t you wanna give me something for all this good stuff.”

“Yeah, you right little lady that was some good stuff, but I already gave you the oxy now so we bout even.”

“Oh, come on Wade, you know you gonna want some more…think of it as a down payment.”

Wade threw his head back and let out a cruel chuckle.

“A downpayment? On some pussy from a junkie. You must think I’m Bo Bo the fool.”

Rearranging his newly satisfied area and zipping up his pants.

“See you ’round honey pot.”

“Yeah see ya pops.”